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Alright lovely Lost-Forum LJers, time for a little competition! I… 
27th-Feb-2006 04:18 pm
Alright lovely Lost-Forum LJers, time for a little competition!

I browsed through this community's Friend's List and I saw some pretty nifty layouts so I know some of y'all have it in you to create something great for this community.

So the requirements for this here Layout Contest:

1) Uh, make it look nice. :D
2) Make it as Lost-Forum-esque as possible.
3) Must be an original design. Lost-Forum does not support layout (or any other design) theft.

And that's it!

So submit a screenshot of your final design to me (Rydia) via PM at Lost-Forum and the entire staff will make a decision on the winning designs.

As with the Avatar Challenge we had a few weeks back, winners of the contest will be awarded special prizes such as increased PM storage space as well as having your username in color and a special rank/title under your name. You will of course be credited for your designs on this community as well as have your ego boosted with praise from all your fellow Lost-Forum posters.

Thanks, and have fun!
28th-Feb-2006 01:25 am (UTC)
Awsome idea. I will definetly try and make a layout. When's the deadline?
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