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Since Lost-Forum is offline right now as gertiebeth moves us to a brand new server (whoo!) I just thought I'd remind y'all that we have a backup forum HERE as well as a chatroom HERE. The password for the chat is ilovelf.

So yeah, hopefully we'll be back up soon and with the new servers the forums will be running nice and smoothly. =)

Happy weekend everyone!

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Alright lovely Lost-Forum LJers, time for a little competition!

I browsed through this community's Friend's List and I saw some pretty nifty layouts so I know some of y'all have it in you to create something great for this community.

So the requirements for this here Layout Contest:

1) Uh, make it look nice. :D
2) Make it as Lost-Forum-esque as possible.
3) Must be an original design. Lost-Forum does not support layout (or any other design) theft.

And that's it!

So submit a screenshot of your final design to me (Rydia) via PM at Lost-Forum and the entire staff will make a decision on the winning designs.

As with the Avatar Challenge we had a few weeks back, winners of the contest will be awarded special prizes such as increased PM storage space as well as having your username in color and a special rank/title under your name. You will of course be credited for your designs on this community as well as have your ego boosted with praise from all your fellow Lost-Forum posters.

Thanks, and have fun!

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Welcome to Lost-Forum's official Livejournal Community. This community, along with the Official backup LF forums that Gabs has created for the forums should be the go-to place should the actual forums go down again.

So join up and post happy Lost related stuff, and watch out for any news that the LF staff might chanenl through this Community.